November hints

Packaging sadly is still the last step in product development thought about by many SMEs. From my own experiences advising new product owners in clinics or surgeries held, as the Packaging Society, at Packaging Exhibitions or Workshops there is little awareness of the need or role of packaging e.g.  styles, materials, costs, design, timing etc.

Every time I give a webinar or a conference presentation I emphasise the need to think about packaging for all those brilliant entrepreneurs/innovators who have created a new idea or product, often to a finished level. If struggling seek guidance from a Packaging Consultant.

There are so many new initiatives for packaging via global academia now from chemistry, physics and engineering backgrounds that can be tapped into to aid that new wonder product e.g. nanotechnology, electronics. Anti-counterfeiting, environmental thoughts and sustainability.

This is of course also applicable to many larger companies who have their own in-house packaging departments. Do spend time looking at developments and innovations in the global pipeline. With the advent and continual development of the Internet there is a plethora of global information – use it.

Apart from your own research there is much to be learnt in packaging and it is well worth thinking about diplomas and courses. Also attendance at conferences and exhibitions will provide extra knowledge and the opportunity to network. If puzzled or needing more thoughts please contact me at

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