The Packaging Conundrum.

To all who may read this let us think more about packaging. We all have it and like or dislike it. It’s world value is edging up to one trillion pounds and it must employ over one million personnel globally. It is no mean industry but few people understand it’s value let alone wanting to join the industry. Hence there is a severe lack of trained practitioners everywhere. The USA is probably the best equipped with Michigan State University currently showing 900 undergrads in their School of Packaging. Alas this input is not matched elsewhere. Packaging producers and Brand owners should be upskilling their staff to cope with the added pressures of of multiple New Product Development. Apart from this think about sustainability, the environment, resource efficiency, anti counterfeiting, innovations, carbon footprint,design and troubleshooting to name just a few of the areas covered by a skilled Packaging Technologist. The opportunities are endless in our industry.

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