Welcome 2024

What will the year bring in the world of packaging?

I hope that Climate Change is in all our minds and thoughts on how to aid the problem. With all packaging materials remember that Plastics are produced with the lowest carbon emissions so do not assume that all plastic packaging should be changed. The plastics pollution problem is caused by all of us – we must not litter and hopefully consistent waste collections are on the way via the long awaited EPR committee. Then the jigsaw will build via recycling, reuse, refill and remanufacturing. There is still a long way to go but I am feeling optimistic.

We also need many more trained Packaging Technologists so spread the word about this fantastic Career.

Packaging Forward

As always packaging continues to add to the future Climate Change deliberations It is sad that even today on TV they report that Plastics are bad and should change NO no no We are bad as we litter the pkg and a lot end up in the sea. Microplastics is being mentioned. It has been in the food stream and therefore us for years. One could add the plastics dropping from our clothes all the time and air pollution . Changing plastics to another material will increase carbon emissions and therefore affect Climate Change figures. Look at alternative plastics and you could have a solution _PVOH ! I have organise a packaging Networking lunch in London for the 23rd May anyone interested can contact me at [email protected]

packaging ongoing

time just flies by but packaging never stands still..We have so much to do Climate Change, Plastics pollution and recycling to name a few. Many comments are due from Government re the DEFRA consultations soon. More recycling units are desperately needed if we are to keep up with the demand for 30% recycle within our packaging. With Climate Change there is no doubt that plastics show as giving out the least carbon emissions but this is versus the plastic pollution problem. Various mods or changes to pkg can overcome many of these ares. LCA is now becoming essential in any Packtech’s toolbox. Always here to help

The Future

What a year packaging having. We must help overcome Plastic pollution buy change, recycling or modification. Plastics are too important and create the lowest carbon emissions during the supply train – essential for Climate Change. Plastics also lower our food waste which is a far greater problem within Climate Change. Recycling is ever more needed and much work is being undertaken to achieve consistent waste collection and more recycling units. Watch this space

Onward Packaging

Now well into 2017 the message is the same packaging is everywhere no product should be without. However is it sustainable does it achieve the best resource efficiency , how can it improve? In this maze of ideas , solutions and answers do you need help?  As there are still too few trained packaging technologists in circulation let me help either by advice or maybe pointing you in the direction of training. There is so much new technology to consider are you missing out? Would it not be nice to have a University of Packaging Innovation linked to all connected activities. Talk to me if you are interested.

The Packaging Conundrum.

To all who may read this let us think more about packaging. We all have it and like or dislike it. It’s world value is edging up to one trillion pounds and it must employ over one million personnel globally. It is no mean industry but few people understand it’s value let alone wanting to join the industry. Hence there is a severe lack of trained practitioners everywhere. The USA is probably the best equipped with Michigan State University currently showing 900 undergrads in their School of Packaging. Alas this input is not matched elsewhere. Packaging producers and Brand owners should be upskilling their staff to cope with the added pressures of of multiple New Product Development. Apart from this think about sustainability, the environment, resource efficiency, anti counterfeiting, innovations, carbon footprint,design and troubleshooting to name just a few of the areas covered by a skilled Packaging Technologist. The opportunities are endless in our industry.

packaging moves on

A few months have passed since my last blog and as always packaging moves faster. If you have an interest do get in touch. There is much need for more Packaging technologists in the UK and globally. In our world innovations are always wanted and there are many to explore via the internet, Academia and networking. I will be organising a conference on Innovations for May and it will be mega. Do join our UK Packaging Society it all happens there. watch your own packaging and seek help if in doubt. Good luck   Keith

Exhibition time

Just a reminder to all that Easifairs Packaging Innovations and Luxury Packaging exhibition is due shortly at the Business Design Centre London on the 30/9 and 01/10. I hope to see some of you there. Also worth visiting is the Inventors Show at the Barbican , London from 22nd to 25th October. Do come and see the diversity of packaging world.

The Packaging Enigma

Now we are halfway through the year let me put the world of packaging in context. First we all are subjected by it and quite rightly  as those countries without packaging technology to hand will end up wasting or damaging more products which is not good news. During July I had the privilege of coordinating a Packaging Summer School over here for 20 students from Michigan State University. This happens every year and the whole of the month is taken up with a programme of lectures and visits with all the logistics necessary. Every year and 2014 was no exception I see how excellent the packaging training is over there – 800+ on campus and a 90% success rate in finding jobs. We should be emulating this in the UK so do come back to me so that I can help move forward the training desperately needed. The Packaging Society has regular diploma courses.

An Opportunity Year

A new year and many challenges. Do visit easiFair at the NEC (26/27 Feb) and come along to the Packaging Society stand. I would be pleased to meet fellow packaging devotees, and of course we will be running the popular ‘Packaging Clinic’ In general terms let me look at waste and packaging, a popular subject, and one that needs a better central coordinated approach. Watch this space as my activities here develop.I was intrigued by a piece on the One Show a few days ago showing a newly developed nanofibre paper with the strength possibly of steel. Watch this space as I follow up on this. More later.